Honey Stick - Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer

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Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer

Prepare yourself for the purest most flavor filled concentrates experience that is available out of pocket sized vape unit when you pick up a Plasma GQ by HoneyStick. This revolutionary vape pen design for concentrates will bring you the taste and purioty of a table top Rig. This is the only pen design where the concentrates DO NOT come in contact with the heating this is how it works: 

A proprietary heating elemnt is encapsulated below a glass bowl which will hold the concentrates of your choice. This glass ( Quartz) is "super-heated" by our heating element reaching a max temperature of 850 degrees Faraneit. The air inlet is located right above the bowl giving you the purest-flavor filled vape notes attainable from anything this size. This is a unit designed for the flavor chasing connoisseur in this latest launch from HoneyStick. it can be used with Waxes, dabs, crumbles, rosins, thicker slabs, even small amounts of essential oils enough for a few puffs of greatness.
Features and Functions:
- 2 Temperature Settings ( 650 Degrees Fahrenheit & 850 F)
- 1200 mAh High Capacity battery
- Replaceable coil
- Instant heat Up time
- Quartz Bowl 
- Proprietary Heater
- Extra Glass included
- Cleaning Isopropyle Tips
- Micro USB Charging
- High End Dab Tool
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